Our Story

As all things organic, Jackal Tree has evolved since starting and we often joke that if it involves wood, we can make it! Classic furniture, contemporary furniture, tea boxes, gin boxes, platform beds, wooden lettering and kids toys. We have been asked to make it all, and with very few exceptions we have. We have made laser etching our friend, learned to love the simplicity of plywood and Lisa is learning to weld all in the name of décor and trends.

Ant has always had a first love for wood and would spend many long hours working it, designing with it and making wonderful wooden furniture pieces that added to our home and the homes of others.  It was inevitable that manufacturing furniture would be in his future and his creative spirit has allowed him to conceive and make some truly beautiful artisanal furniture over the years. His passion is to encourage people to move away from mass marketed cheap imports, and to embrace local, artisanal woodwork that provides local furniture solutions.

Ant Solo Pic
Lisa Solo Pic

Lisa comes from a marketing and sales background and has been involved in the tourism industry for many years. It was assisting on the operational side of running a lodge in Africa that she came to love the simplicity of wooden furniture, and the incredible trees that go with the story.  She also understands the versatility of wooden furniture design and how clever pieces can change a room, or make an amazing statement. Lisa is also on a mission to grow the business to a level that Jackal Tree can begin an apprentice programme to upskill local employees in the furniture sector.

We have loved our journey and if you would like to keep up with our new products, our story of starting a business in South Africa or would like get a quote for your own design please subscribe to our newsletter or get in touch.